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heartbreaking loss. >> i am very disappointed. very, very disappointed. >> the redskins, so close to winning. over time. -- overtime. and the game was a nail biter.
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horace holmes joins us with highlights. >> it should have gone to the redskins. it was one of those games that they will be talking about around the water cooler, those guys will, we will, at work tomorrow. a bittersweet feeling for fans after the redskins played so well, and then they ended up losing. it was a wild roller-coaster ride of the motions for redskins' -- of emotions for redskins' fans. it looked like they were heading for a 2-0 start. donovan mcnabb. his first touchdown as a redskin. >> i thought we had in may. i was, like, ok. we have got it again. >> and then one connected with kevin walters to cut the
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redskins' lead to 10 points. redskins fans everywhere began to get nervous. and then in motions began to take another turn. -- and then emotions began to take another turn. there was a block. >> pounding on the counter is. >> the redskins, a seven-point lead, and the game was tied going into overtime. in overtime, hearts were broken after a missed field goal attempt by the redskins. there was a 35-yard field goal. the texans walked away winners, 30-27. fans could not believe what happened. >> i was shocked. >> i was very disappointed. >> where we can bounce back after a game like this. >> later on in sports, you will
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hear from more of the players, coach mike shanahan. they had that game. >> that is the tough part. all right, thanks. we will talk to you in just a bit. new at 11:00, the police are issuing another alert in college park in the wake of a robbery that happened off campus. police say a man who was not a student was walking in a college park shopping center, around 4:30 this morning, and three men attacked him from behind. they took items from his pockets and ran away. anyone with information is asked to call police. a virginia woman on death row has just days to live. she is said to be executed by lethal injection, the first woman to be put to death in almost one century. the u.s. supreme court could stop this, and that is where rebecca cooper has more. >> she is scheduled to become
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only the 12th woman in the united states to be executed since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976, and this is the first virginia woman since 1912, but the governor says he will not block be lethal injection, and it is up to the supreme court. -- he will not blago be so injection -- not block the lethal injection. >> the death penalty is for the worst of the worst, and she is nowhere near that. >> she is the most evil person i have ever met. >> she is scheduled for execution on thursday unless the court grants were a last-minute reprieve 3 and their supporters asking the governor to spare her, but he decided not to intervene note -- unless the courts grant her a last-minute reprieve. there are supporters asking the governor.
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they even talked about offering up her daughter to have sex with a killer. lewis says she is sorry. >> i will tell the governor that i am sorry, how sorry i really am. >> heard defense attorney says that she is incapable of evil and is instead a victim herself of a manipulative boyfriend -- her defense attorney. >> she is on the cusp of retardation, and he found her to be an easy mark. she was somebody who was just what he was looking for. >> her defenders include best- selling author john grisham. he says that it is not fair that she receives the death penalty while the gunmen gets life in prison. she does not fit the legal definition of mental
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retardation, but if she did, this would be considered cruel. reporting live at the supreme court, abc7 news. >> all right, thanks a lot, rebecca. and leesburg, va., man is accused of despair -- a leesburg, va., man is accused of killing his wife. steven combs-lafleur. she died at the scene. he is charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bond. a froedtert man is dead after police were called to a domestic dispute today on stock market street -- a frederick mann. -- man. he fired a round, and officers fired back.
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the man died from a gunshot wounds, and police are now investigating whether he died from the officer firing or from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. hundreds of people turned out for a memorial service today to honor the life and legacy of a ron walters be and a service was held on the howard university campus -- the legacy of ron walters. a service was held on a hard university campus. he was a civil rights activists, scholar, and political analyst. friends and colleagues said he lived and taught the life he lived. >> he was an active scholar and a scholar active list. he wrote about what he knew, indian allies about what he knew to be true. ? -- he wrote about what he knew, and he studied what he knew to
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be true. parking meters are going to get another look. earlier this year, some of the meters, including adam morgenson and georgetown, -- including adams morgan and george tenet, are involved. greta kreuz has more -- and georgetown are involved. greta kreuz has more. >> the biggest problem is how do you make up an estimated $6 million in lost parking revenue? however, clearly not happy with the extended meter feeding. it is until 10:00 at night, monday through saturday, here in georgetown as well as other highly trafficked areas, and he is getting an earful from others, as well. for 17 years, and he has had his new orleans cafe in the heart of adams morgan, but his
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customers have to feed the parking meters until 10:00 at night, and that, he says, is scaring some of them away. >> i have two kids to feed, you know, like everybody else. >> the meters were extended in other busy areas, too, to raise revenues, but his likely successor vincent gray says they will revisit the area -- the issue. but >> it does not give you a lot of leeway. >> after 5:00 and having to pay for parking. >> another source of frustration, conflicting signage. on one side, it says two-hour parking, and the other says none after 6:30 note.
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>> i would probably bank on the two hours. you still have to feed the meter. you pan down, and it says no time limit parking. it really is a little bit confusing. you do have to carefully read the sign. it varies from neighborhood to neighborhood, as well. vdot says if you have any questions, give them a call. -- ddot says if you have any question. 85 degrees at reagan
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national airport. we will show you what is going on in terms of satellite radar at the belfort furniture weather center. a cold front drifting across the area. that is why we have the clout behind it. " for a comfortable overnight of cooler and less humid day time " -- that is why we have the clouds behind it. look for a comfortable overnight of cooler and less humid weather. the extended seven-day outlook is in just a few minutes. >> thanks a lot, steve. coming up on abc7 news at 11:00, controversial comments. she is going viral. what she says. and the powerful storm is battering bermuda. the damage it is causing. plus, sarah shourd speaks out about her time in iran. plus, sarah shourd speaks out about her time in iran.
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what's your story? citibank can help you write it. freed sarah shourd says she
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hopes her two partners will be released saying. she was arrested after she and her friends crossed into iran. the iranian government has accused them of spying, a charge that she did they deny. >> we were not spies. we do not intend any harm to the iranian government or its people. >> the parents of the hikers, shane bauer and josh fattal, attended the conference. indicated they could held ined for iranian nos u.s. prisons. colin powell spoke on "meet the press," and he said that they should be put on a path
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toward a legal status. he did not say whether he hired the illegal immigrants directly, or whether they work with a contractor. a new tea party favorite is also making headlines for some controversial headlines she made. a new video clip shows her admitting to what she calls is dabbling in witchcraft. it is from a 1999 show "politically incorrect." >> i dabbled in witchcraft. i hung around people who were doing these things. i am not making this stuff up. one of my states -- -- dates was on a satanic altar, and i did not know it. there was a little blood there. >> tonight, she is making light of those comments, saying she did not hang out with questionable folks. she became an instant political star after an upset in the primary in delaware. is bp's blown-out well
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officially dead. officials said that the cement was hardens. et -- was hardened. it triggered the worst oil spill in history. more than 200 million barrels of oil into the gulf of mexico. hurricane igor is on the move, and it is pounding the gulf of mexico. in house been downgraded. but david has the latest -- it has been downgraded. >> it has been downgraded, but it is a direct hit on bermuda, and residents are taking it very seriously. everyone was told this could be the biggest they have seen. since then, it has been downgraded, but residents are still worried about it. winds have been clocked up to 85 miles per hour. the real concern is the storm surge, running 5 to 6 feet, and
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what that could do is that some of the low-lying areas in bermuda to be affected. once a do, hurricane igor passing through. there was a hurricane seven years ago that killed four people. that was a category 3, but perhaps it will not do what igor is going to do. this is just reaching bermuda, the center of the storm to pass just to our west. already, most of the island is without electricity. it is going to be a long night, and in the morning, we will hear how much damage igor has caused. the 11:00 update just came out about 25 or 30 minutes ago. it is actually to the west of bermuda, and they are looking for maximum winds of around 75 miles per hour. that makes it a category one hurricane. keep in mind, we have been tracking igor since september 8.
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it is going to quickly move out towards the north and east over the next couple of days. there is some well -- rough surf for the delmarva area and upper new england. here is a look at side at this hour. an isolated sprinkle or two. this really does not amount to a whole lot. the shower only lasted for about 10 minutes or 20 minutes or so. the wind is starting to settle down as a cold front moves across the area. the weatherbug network, 71 degrees in annapolis at this hour, at the naval academy, after a daytime high of 77 degrees. it is 72 in annandale, and our final stop downtown, a high of 86, currently 75 at gw university. normally at this time of year, temperatures around 70 degrees.
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today's high 85. tomorrow, and your average, but for wednesday and thursday, it will feel like summer again -- tomorrow, about average. minnesota and michigan, a frost advisor korea. we are watching this cold front that is going to sweep across the area. it will move through, and then skies will start to clear over the next four or five hours, so by tomorrow morning, plenty of sunshine. a refreshing change, not as humans, not as warm, but still plenty of sunshine to enjoy. here is our forecast. 60's.50's to lower tomorrow, 70's with a few clouds. sunshine tomorrow, near 80 degrees for a high, a beautiful september day. our extended outlook shows temperatures that are hired back in the forecast, a chance for a
11:21 pm
few thunderstorms on wednesday and thursday with nighttime lows hovering in the mid 50's to lower to middle 60's, and if we hit 90 degrees just four more times, which will break the record for the most 90-degree days in one year -- we will break the record. >> it is almost all. >> yes, thursday is the first day of autumn. >> all right, coming up next on day of autumn. >> all right, coming up next on abc7 news at 11:00, here's boulder. ok, see you in an hour. [ boulder barks ] bye, bye. here we go. come on boulder. aah! [ dog barks ] aah! come on, guys! daisy! whoo! aah! [ female announcer ] lunchables cheese pizza --
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>> six people got their peanuts and opera at nationals park today -- and people got their peanuts. the washington national opera season's opening production. the opera performed a masked ball by josepth javair date -- verdi.
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redskins players and fans shaking their heads. the redskins let it slip away in overtime. we will h
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you cannot be too upset, even though the redskins lost. there were a lot of positives. if you're a redskins coach or player. donovan mcnabb. a jump ball for joe galloway. 62 yards, all of the way down to the attend. the skins now on the doorstep. clinton portis. touchdown, redskins. 13-7. here come the redskins again. across the field, and he finds davis, who is wide open, and davis runs of all the way to the one-yard line, and the redskins are up, 20-10. third quarter. the redskins begin to take control. they find cooley.
11:28 pm
this is beautiful, touchdown redskins. suddenly, washington is up, but 27-10. a strike to kevin walter. they add another field goal. this is blogs, and it opens the door for houston. .-- this is blocked. johnson, he will win this one against anybody. touchdown. we are tied. the game goes into overtime. from 35 yards out, and the redskins lose, 30-27. there is the shot. >> this will be a hard one to get past. >> a good team. just to find out where you are at.
11:29 pm
>> you have to be able to bounce back. you have to read short-term memory and be able to bounce back next week and come on out and make a change next week. >> the bottom line is they got it done, and we did not, so we have to go back and be tough on ourselves, note and our football team played hard throughout the game. we is made a fuse mistakes at times -- a few mistakes at times. >> all right, see you next week. this next game had an intraday note -- interesting outcome. in new york, .in the fourth quarter, mark sanchez. one of the three touchdown passes. the jets defied the patriots, 28-14. the cowboys lose at home to the chicago bears. look at this catch with one hand. 17-14. the bears beat the cowboys.
11:30 pm
in baseball, a great afternoon. the phillies and the nats. the phillies winning at the bottom of the ninth, a man, jayson werth, at the plate. that is why there screaming and yelling in philadelphia. a walk off. -- that is why they are screaming and yelling in philadelphia. >> monday morning quarterbacking tomorrow. exactly.
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tomorrow, 5 to seven degrees cooler. are you ready for summer to make a comeback? we have a warm-up, and then the first day of autumn, well above
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average. near 90. all right, we will be right back. all right, we will be right back.
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